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How Can I Improve the Performance of My Camera?

Do you feel there are details missing in those pictures of a flower, or a spider's web, or your child in that field of flowers? Does the auto focus feature fail to capture details you see and want to focus on through the lens? You might be ready to graduate to a manual focus lens.

Why Do I Need a Manual Lens?

In any situation where auto focus fails to get the clarity or sometimes even the subject you're trying to focus on, you will find flexibility and more creative results than previously achieved using manual focus instead. The lens can be added onto a range of camera types from DLSR, SLR, or medium format to mirrorless or rangefinders. With this lens you can:

  • Achieve macro shots which is extreme close-up photography or capturing small objects in detail.
  • Adjust the aperture and thus the ability to capture subjects in low light settings. A larger aperture results in a brighter picture and vice versa.
  • Adjust depth of field which is the sharpness of the foreground and background of a photograph, allowing for more focus on objects behind another or in a large distracting background as well as blurring of backgrounds to further draw focus to a subject.

What Features Should I Look For?

With the wide range of lens that Canon offers, there is something suit everyone, depending on their experience level and area of interest. Some of the features to look for when deciding on a lens are:

  • Focal length which can range from 24 mm to 300 mm. The smaller focal length would suit the photographer trying to capture nearer objects. The higher range telephoto lens would allow close-up photography from a longer distance, such as wildlife photography or when trying to take candid yet discreet photographs of a subject.
  • Aperture ranges from f/1.2 to 5.6. Remember that the higher aperture, the brighter the picture and the more the background blur.
  • Type can be fixed or zoom. Fixed lens can cater for a range of needs from wide aperture and shallow depth of field to low light photography. A zoom lenses, on the other hand, are more versatile as they allow a change of focal length without requiring a lens change and they are more portable.

Canon offers a wide range of accessories such as filters, filter rings and holders, and hoods and caps to complement their lenses. Please refer the manufacturer site for details on sizes and types.

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