Stock Your Printer with Canon Ink: 40 and 41 Cartridges

It's important to have Canon ink 40 and 41 for your printer. With both cartridges, you can print in color and black and white. Shop eBay to find genuine and compatible printer cartridges for your printer.

What type of printer uses Canon ink 40 and 41?

Canon PIXMA all-in-one printers will use the 40 and 41 ink cartridges. This is an inkjet printer, so the cartridges drop ink onto the substrate in order to create the digital image, whether it's a photo or a document. The substrate used in the printer can vary. The following types of printers can use Canon 40 and 41 ink:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
What's in a Canon 40 and 41 combination pack?

A Canon 40 and 41 combination pack will provide you with both types of ink needed for your printer. When you use both cartridges equally, it can be easier to get the combination pack. You can choose when you want to replace them. If you only print in black and white, however, you may only need the black ink. If you print in color, you will still need to have the black cartridge installed as color photos will pull black ink.

  • Canon 40: Black ink
  • Canon 41: Tri-color ink
How is an ink cartridge replaced?

With the power turned on, you will want to open the front cover. Then, open the paper output cover. You will want to push down on the cartridge until it clicks. You can then remove the cartridge. Place the new cartridge into position so that it clicks into position. You need to do this with both cartridges. Once you close both of the covers, the printer will recognize that new ink is installed. You can choose to run a test print and an alignment test to make sure that everything has been installed properly.

What is a refurbished cartridge?

A refurbished cartridge is an eco-friendly option that makes it so that the plastic cartridges are reused. A manufacturer takes the recycled cartridges, makes repairs to them, and then refills the ink. Black and color cartridges are available as a refurbished cartridge. Many of these are affordable, too, because the cartridges are reused as opposed to sourcing new materials. It is also possible to shop on eBay for refill kits, containing a syringe and bottles of ink. This will allow you to reuse your existing cartridges and refill the cartridges on an as-needed basis.

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