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F-1 Cameras

In this age of digital photography, the Canon F-1 remains a classic film camera and is still considered a true workhorse. It has now also become much sought after by collectors. The Canon F1 is a 35 mm film single-lens reflex camera that was first introduced by Canon in March 1976. It was Canon's first professional single lens reflex (SLR) camera system. By simple changing some accessories, the camera can be adapted to different uses or set up for specific requirements.

What are Some of the Features of the Canon F-1 Camera?

The F-1 body is only available in black, and has a number of practical features.

  • The focus ring on the Canon F-1 allows for manual focusing.
  • Through the lens metering is not done in the finder prism but to the side of the focusing screen, which directs a fraction of the light to it. This allows the light meter on this camera to work independently of the finder.
  • This SLR camera has an 8 second to 1/2000 foil shutter, powered by a 6 V lithium battery.
  • The SLR shutter can be set to self-timer, automatic shutter speed exposure or the shutter can be set manually.

Which Parts and Accessories are Interchangeable?

Most parts and accessories on the original F-1 are interchangeable to allow you to build up a camera system that meet your requirements. The following lists but some of these accessories.

  • Lenses: Any lens with the Canon FD lock mount can be mounted to the Canon F-1 body. These lenses range from a 7.5 mm f/5.6 fish eye lens to the super long FL 1200 mm f/11 telephoto lens.
  • Winders: Film wind-on is done with a practical manual lever. A battery driven Canon power winder that gives you two frames per second can be fitted for those action shots. A high speed Canon motor drive will give you five frames per second for continuous shooting.
  • Viewfinders: The Canon F-1 camera body can be fitted with a waist-level finder for portrait photography or a number of eye-level viewfinders as well as a speed finder.
  • Data Back: The data back, when fitted to the camera, will sequentially number or date stamp the film.
  • Bulk Film Back: This back will allow your Canon up to one hundred exposures without reloading.
  • Electronic Flashes. A number of Canon electronic flashes can be mounted to the hot shoe mount that is located on top of the camera body.
  • Macro, Micro, and Close-up Accessories: These include bellows units, reversing rings and couples, extension tubes and three different focal length macro lenses that can be fitted to the camera.
  • Focusing Screens: Thirteen different Canon focusing screens are available for this camera, in a variety of metering modes.
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