Take Professional Photos with a Canon EOS 3

The Canon EOS 3 was introduced as a professional SLR camera, but it also to be used by experienced amateurs. The camera can include an array of lenses and other accessories. Shop eBay to find the camera body or kit that lets you take the photographs you want.

What kind of camera is the Canon EOS 3?

The Canon EOS 3 is a film SLR camera. You can change out the lenses as you desire to determine what focal length is right for what you're shooting. Depending on what you shoot regularly, you may decide to have several lenses in your camera bag.

What are some of the features of the EOS 3?

There are quite a few features of the Canon EOS 3. These can enhance your photography abilities. Plus, there are a number of accessories that will go with the EOS, including AF lenses, flash systems, and even remote controllers. Some of the most notable features include the following:

  • Up to 1/8000 second shutter speed
  • 45-point area autofocus
  • 21-zone light metering
  • 18 custom functions for portraits, landscapes, and more
  • Wireless TTL system
What are some of the available lenses?

There are many available lenses for you to choose from to fit the Canon EOS 3. It uses the Canon EF mount, which is the most common mount for Canon cameras. You can choose to use Canon genuine lenses or various other brands that offer a Canon EF mount. Some lenses are zoom, allowing you to have multiple focal lengths built into a single lens. Some of the types of lenses available include the following:

  • Standard - 50 to 60mm lenses are identified as standard.
  • Wide-angle - Lenses with a focal length of 35 millimeters or less are wide-angle. Those that are under 18 millimeters are considered ultra wide-angle.
  • Telephoto - Any lens that is 70mm or longer in focal length is telephoto. Some are as long as 500 or 600 millimeters.
What might be included in a kit?

A kit is the opposite of "body only," which means that it includes the camera body as well as at least one lens. Various custom bundles are found on eBay, allowing you to have an array of accessories to go with your Canon EOS 3. Some of what you might expect to be in a kit includes the following:

  • Flash unit - Add an external flash to your camera.
  • Lenses - Choose from various lenses to connect to your camera.
  • Filters - Compensate for UV rays, haze, and more with filters.
  • Carrying case - Camera bags and lens cases may be included.
  • Tripod - Support the camera when you're taking photos.
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