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Buyer's Guide for Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Cameras on eBay

eBay is the place to buy a Canon 5D Mark III. Choosing your next camera is an important decision, so you should be well-informed before doing so. Here are the main questions people ask before buying a Canon 5D Mark III on eBay.

The differences between a 5D Mark III used, refurbished, and new?

If you are going to buy a Canon 5D Mark III, chances are it will be either used or refurbished because Canon discontinues manufacturing each predecessor. Still, countless professional photographers are purchasing the Mark III every day because they like how it's built. While there are many new Mark III cameras available for purchase on eBay, you find most Canon 5D Mark III cameras used or manufacturer refurbished. Here are the main differences between the three options:

  • Price: A used Canon 5D Mark III will be the least expensive option. Refurbished devices suggest the camera was deliberately updated with replacement parts. Canon 5D Mark III models refurbished by the manufacturer are updated by a certified Canon repair person or directly by Canon. These options will be slightly higher in price. New Mark III's fetch the highest price because they are no longer being manufactured, so they are in limited supply.
  • Shutter life: Every DSLR camera has a shutter, and shutters are built with a certain number of uses. Typically, that number is around 150,000. You can ask the owner if they have replaced their shutter. Many manufacturer refurbished Mark III cameras will have replaced shutters. You can identify this information on the product page or by directly asking the owner. Naturally, a brand-new Mark III will have a full shutter life.
  • Aesthetic condition: When buying used or refurbished, there may be blemishes from use. The Canon 5D Mark III is built tough for professional photographers, many of them using it in outdoor environments. Brand-new units will be factory-fresh. Manufacturer refurbished devices may have replaced body parts but still may have some visible blemishes, while refurbished or used units usually have some degree of scrapes, scuffs, or scratches. These are some things to consider if you are particular about the appearance of your camera.
What lenses can you use with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III?

The Canon 5D Mark III’s lens mount is EF type. Any Canon-brand lens is EF. There are several third-party manufacturers that offer both premium and budget EF lenses. The Canon 5D Mark III accepts lens mount adapters as well, which will give you the ability to attach other types of lenses. The compatibility will vary depending on the specific type. You can additionally install software drivers on your Mark III that make compatible the advanced features of some different lens types.

How does the Canon 5D Mark III work in low-light environments?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a cut above its competitors in low-light environments. The ISO sensitivity ranges from 50 to 102,400. The high ISO range allows you to shoot in extreme low-light conditions with little to no color noise.

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