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Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon has been a digital camera brand for many years. Buying a digital SLR camera means getting to take advantage of the autofocus system, increased image quality, and more beneficial features. A Canon EOS model will allow you to take photos of landscapes, people, and many other subjects.

What is a DSLR camera?

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. It essentially means that a DSLR camera is a digital model that allows you to change the lenses. You can opt for an array of lenses in your Canon camera bag to go from macro to zoom. A Canon DSLR camera typically comes with the following options:

  • Memory card: Instead of film, the photos taken will be stored on a memory card in your Canon camera.
  • Lens: You choose the type of lens mounted to the digital camera.
  • Manual options: You can choose to go fully manual, fully automatic, or something in between. Choose what you want to control, such as turning off the autofocus or full-frame features.

What does "body only" mean?

When shopping for a Canon EOS, when you see "body only," it means the camera itself is all that you receive in that package. There will be no lenses included, which will require you to purchase at least one lens before you are able to take photos. The following are two common camera bodies:

  • Entry-Level DSLR: When you move to a digital SLR camera, you might want to start out with a Canon Rebel or other starter camera body.
  • Full-frame DSLR: As you become more professional, you might want a Canon EOS 5D Mark or other advanced camera body.

What should you consider when buying a Canon DSLR camera?

You will find that there are many accessories and options available on a Digital SLR camera such as the EOS. You have to pay attention to the Canon model as well as what you decide to get with the camera. This will ensure that you have everything you need to take your desired photos. You can then share digital photos online or have them printed.

  • Megapixels: The number of megapixels will dictate the image quality. The higher the megapixel value, the better the quality of photos taken with your EOS or other camera from Canon will be.
  • Lens kit: A kit might include the body as well as one or more Canon lenses.
  • Functions: Many DSLR models will include an autofocus system, ISO choices, and a viewfinder.
  • Accessories: Your DSLR might include a camera strap, bag, filters, and other accessories.
  • Battery: The battery in a Canon EOS might be a single-use or rechargeable type.

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