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See the World With Canon Binoculars

Canon, a company known for its cameras, also produces other types of optical equipment like binoculars. Their lenses feature a full multicoating to reduce glare and enhance the image. Whether you're bird watching or sitting in a packed sports stadium, Canon binoculars are an option to consider if you want to view something from afar.

What are prism binoculars?

The term "prism binoculars" refers to the use of convex lenses for both the eyepiece and the objective lens. This creates an upside-down image that requires the use of a prism to return it right-side up.

At Canon, prisms fall into two categories:

  • Porro prisms: The image passes through a porro prism in a "Z" shape. Porro prisms tend to be bulkier than roof prisms and require a bulkier case to use properly; they offer a clear, sharp image.
  • Roof prisms: The image passes straight through these types of prisms. They are commonly used in compact units and are smaller and lighter, but the image may not be as clear as with a porro prism.
What does the numeric code, such as 10x30, really mean?

The first number is the magnification and refers to the enlargement of the object when seen through the binoculars. If the code is marked 10X, then the object will appear 10 times as large as with the naked eye. The 30 indicates the size of the front lens, called the objective lens. The larger the objective lens, the brighter and clearer the image. The size of the objective lens is technically referred to as the available aperture.

What is the resolving power of these binoculars?

The term "resolving power" indicates the resolution of the enlarged image. If the image grows fuzzy, the binoculars have a low resolving power. If the image maintains clarity, then the binoculars have a high resolving power.

What is the IS Series from this brand?

When using binoculars to watch rapid movement like a sporting event, the shaking of the image can make for a difficult viewing experience. Canon is the first optics maker in the world to offer binoculars that use an onboard computer to compensate for rapid movement, which it calls an image stabilizer. Because of the computerized compensation, a tripod is not needed.

What is a field of view?

A field of view is the width of the sight picture at a fixed distance, usually 1,000 yards. If a pair of binoculars has a 100-foot field of view, then the sight picture at 1,000 yards is 100 feet. Higher magnifications will result in a smaller field of view. Lower magnifications will result in a larger field of view.

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