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About Canon AT-1
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Canon AT-1 Film Camera
Canon AT-1
Camera Type
Film SLR
Lens Mount
Canon FD
Autoexposure Modes
Manual Only
Maximum Shutter Speed
ISO Range
Viewfinder Magnification
LCD Screen

Choosing a 35mm SLR Film Camera

While digital photography has largely surpassed film, there are still characteristics and appeals of film photography that make it an attractive medium. It hearkens back to a time when a lot of thought went into the composure of each and every shot, with the essence of the image captured at the time of shooting, rather than through digital editing later. Canon is one company known for its cameras and lenses designed to be compatible with film, such as the AE-1 and its little sister, the AT-1 manual-exposure-only model released in the 1970s.

What Are the Advantages of Cameras That Use Film?

35mm film cameras are still favored by many for their vintage aesthetic, but despite all the technological advancements of digital cameras, they also have a few advantages when it comes to image quality. Understanding film photography also gives you a firm foundation of the basics of photographic processes and flash, without the assistance of automatic modes, LCD screens, and digital editing software.

  • A 35mm film generally delivers a higher dynamic range compared to digital camera photography, which makes it better at capturing black-and-white shots with accuracy and contrast.
  • Cameras designed to use film also usually have a higher resolution than that found in their digital counterparts, and are more forgiving when it comes to minor issues with exposure and focusing.
  • While photographers need a dark room if they want to develop the images of an AE-1 or AT-1 themselves, there is an art to all stages of film photography that makes it more challenging and rewarding than the point-and-shoot style of digital photography.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Film Camera?

While options for buying new 35mm film cameras are quite limited, there are lots of vintage Canon camera models, including the AT-1, on the market. Buying a fully manual SLR camera will provide the opportunity to master all of the manual functions, including shutter speeds, aperture priority, and flash photography.

  • Some people may be able to pair their digital lenses with their film SLR, but the lens has to have an aperture ring to be able to adjust the aperture.
  • Keep in mind that it needs to have an autofocus film camera body if the digital lenses are AF, otherwise they may not focus accurately.
  • The battery type that the AT-1, or other manual film camera, uses needs to have a way of powering it with a modern battery equivalent, particularly if it's an early vintage model.

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