Keep Your Printer Stocked With Canon 211XL Ink

Your Canon inkjet printer will need printer ink to print in color and black and white. There are various types of cartridges that are needed based on your printer model, including both color and black ink cartridges. Shop eBay for Canon 211XL ink in different formats to suit your printing needs.

What kind of ink is Canon 211XL?

Canon 211XL ink is color ink that is designed to go inside of specific Canon inkjet model printers. The 'XL' designation means that it is a high yield cartridge in comparison to standard ink cartridges. The 211 is a tri-color cartridge, which combines the three major colors cyan, magenta, and yellow. This way, there is no need to purchase three separate costs. This can help to keep the cost of printing in check, too.

What is the ink yield on a 211 ink cartridge?

The ink yield on a Canon 211 ink cartridge varies based on whether it is a standard or XL model. Further, it will depend on what your printer settings are on your computer. You can increase the number of pages that you can get on a single cartridge by using ink saving settings.

  • 211: 244 page yield
  • 211XL: 349 page yield
What does genuine ink mean?

Genuine ink is the ink that is made specifically for Canon printers by Canon. The benefit to genuine ink is that you can be sure of the quality when printing documents and photos. Further, the ink cartridges are guaranteed to fit the printer as long as you buy for the specific model that you have. It's also possible to buy off-brand manufacturers as they make cartridges that are compatible with your Canon inkjet printer. If the printer doesn't recognize the off-brand cartridge, you may have to configure the settings so that your printer knows that there is a new cartridge installed.

Can a cartridge be refilled?

Yes, a cartridge can be refilled. You can shop for various refill kits for your Canon 211XL cartridges. Depending on your printer, you can also shop for the Canon 210 cartridges, which is the blank ink that is also necessary for printing. eBay offers various kits that will provide you with syringes and bottles of ink, allowing you to refill the cartridges on your own. This is considered an eco-friendly approach as you will have the ability to reuse the cartridges.

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