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Zoom In On Your Subject With a Canon 17-40mm Lens

A Canon 17-40mm lens can be used in a number of different ways. Once you connect this detachable lens to your SLR, there are plenty of possibilities. Shop on eBay for new and used lenses for your camera.

What can you do with a Canon 17-40mm lens?

A Canon 17-40mm lens is a zoom lens that allows you to adjust the focal length based on what you're photographing. A 17mm focal length is identified as an ultra wide-angle lens, allowing you to take photos of landscapes and large groups of people at nearly a 180-degree angle. At 40mm, you can zoom in a bit more while still being close to your subject. 40mm is close to a standard lens, but still falls within a wide-angle classification so you can take portraits with this lens as well.

What are some of the lens's features?

There are a number of features that you can find when you use the Canon 17-40mm lens.

  • Auto focus: Let the lens focus on the subject for you automatically.
  • Macro: Get close to subjects without losing the focus.
  • Image stabilization: Stabilize the shake on a lens without having to use a tripod.
  • Lens hood: Protect your photo shoot from harsh rays of sun.
What are some of the available mounts?

There are a few different mounts to look at with a Canon 17-40mm lens. You will want to consider what model camera you have so that the lens will be able to mount to the camera base properly. Otherwise, it might be necessary to use an adapter ring. Some mounts include:

  • Canon EF
  • Nikon F
  • Pentax K
  • Sony E-mount
What can you get in a custom bundle?

You can find a number of custom bundles on eBay. These can offer you flexibility with your lens and enhance photo shoots. Consider the various accessories that may be included with your lens.

  • Lens case: Protect the lens when it's not mounted to the camera body in or out of a camera bag.
  • Filters: Add various filters to the front of the lens to compensate for lighting.
  • Leash: Keep the lens cap connected to the lens when you're shooting.
  • Cleaning kit: Wipe down both ends of the lens to keep the glass elements clean.
  • Software package: Edit your photos after taking them to enhance them and add special effects as desired.
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