Can-Am Motorcycles: The Ultimate Freedom On-Road

Let a Can-Am Spyder help you experience the open road like never before. With a futuristic trike design, it offers optimal performance. You could find the ideal new or used Can-Am Spyder for sale on eBay at a reasonable price.

Choosing the right priced Can-Am Spyder bike

Can-Am has been making the Spyder since 2007, so you have a wide variety of features and price-points to choose from. If you are looking for a more affordable Can-Am Spyder for sale, then you will want to opt for one that is a bit older.

Choose between several models

If you are looking for a used Can-Am Spyder for sale, you'll want to look through the variety of models offered across the production range. Options include the following:

  • The Spyder RS: Made from 2007 until 2016, this series was more like a conventional sports bike in terms of ergonomics and power.
  • The Spyder ST: Also only made through 2016, this model represented the touring version.
  • The Spyder RT: This is the touring model that's still in production.
  • The Spyder F3: This is a high-end cruiser model with several trim packages available
  • The Spyder Ryker: This is the least expensive recreational model. It has two trim packages available; although, both trim packages come with a smaller engine than any of the other models.
Consider ergonomics

Even if you buy a Can-Am Spyder used, you can expect solid ergonomics in every model. The only model that did not adopt the relaxed feet-forward upright seating position is the Spyder ST. If you prefer feeling like you are riding a sportbike and not a three-wheeled motorcycle, then the Spyder ST is probably the one for you.

Performance and convenience

It doesn't matter if you buy a new or used Can-Am Spyder. No matter what model you get, you will have performance and convenience. Any Can-Am for sale will have optimized the power-to-weight ratio and the gear ratio so that you have every opportunity to experience the open road.

As for convenience, you have more than just a comfortable seating position. Every Spyder bike comes with some type of saddlebag whether they are built-in or detachable. The newer models such as the Spyder RT even have enough extra storage to fit two helmets side-by-side. Can-Am has made it as fun and convenient as possible for you to take these rugged yet high-quality trikes on any adventure.

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