Camping MREs

Enjoy Tasty Food Outside With Camping MREs

Meals Ready to Eat are rations developed by the U.S. military for its troops. Also called military MREs, they are convenient items that come with everything you need to sit down and have a full meal when youre camping. MREs are available in different sizes and flavors for all types of campers.

Choose from a range of MRE package sizes

You can buy various affordable military surplus MREs that come in individual servings or bulk cases on eBay. Although bulk cases come with meals designed for individuals, they offer you a large supply for a potentially lower cost. When you buy MRE meals, you can get a case that comes with different dishes and meals inside the box.

What comes in an MRE?

Military MREs come with everything you need for a full meal. Troops use them when they do not have access to cooking utensils and ingredients. Most contain a main dish and some type of side dish as well as a snack, such as crackers. They also contain a dessert and a beverage. Coffee and tea are the top two beverages found in these meals. Some also come with condiments or extra supplies, including napkins or salt and pepper packets.

How long do MRE food rations last?

MREs have an expiration date that tells you how long you can keep them. This date is usually at least a few years in the future. You should store the meals in a cool and dry place away from natural light.

What meals can you get?

Military MREs cover all the food groups. Some kits come with a variety or a selection of small snacks rather than a full meal. You might get a spicy cheese spread that you can eat with crackers. When you buy new military MREs, you can choose between those intended for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each meal will cover the basic food groups and have enough calories to get you to your next meal. A breakfast meal might include a hash brown mixed with bacon and some fresh vegetables. MREs designed for lunchtime are lighter and can include crackers with tuna mixed with mayonnaise. Some of the meals that you might find in a dinner kit include:

  • Beef ravioli in meat sauce
  • Shredded beef in a tangy barbecue sauce
  • Asian-flavored beef in sauce with mixed vegetables and rice
  • Chicken-noodle soup with vegetables
  • Spaghetti and ground beef in tomato sauce