Choose the Right UV Light for Your Needs

A UV light has multiple applications that might be useful to you both for your hobbies and your professional work. The UV lights available on eBay come in different models and styles to suit various purposes. Understanding what types of lights you can purchase and their features can help you find the one that works for you.

Can you get different types of UV lights?

Many brands that sell new or used UV lights on eBay create several types from which you can choose. The type of light you get is often a factor in its size, shape, or application. If you know the kind of light you need or the dimensions that work for you, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to find the model that meets your needs. Some common types of lights that you will discover are:

  • Diving - These lights are usually either handheld or mounted devices and feature a powerful beam that should be able to cut through murky water.
  • Standard - A standard light comes in bar, lamp, or handheld form and is useful for a variety of everyday applications.
  • Pen - A UV light pen is smaller than the standard variety but can still cast a bright, focused beam of light on precise spots.
Features you can choose for your UV light

All UV lights use bulbs to cast bright beams of ultraviolet light where you might need them, but different models employ their own features. If you have some basic features in mind, eBay can help you find the lights that have at least the aspects you need. Some common features you can choose from include:

  • Waterproof - Most diving lights have waterproof properties, but other styles may be resistant to excess moisture as well.
  • Focus - Some UV lights allow you to adjust the focus of the UV beam to make the pattern tighter or wider as necessary.
  • Rechargeable - You can choose a model that is able to take rechargeable batteries. Some models have their own internal battery that you can recharge via USB.
Can you choose an intensity for your UV light?

The beam each light produces can vary according to its intensity depending on the model you choose. If you need a standard or exceptionally bright UV beam, you can select the model that works for you from eBay. These UV light bulbs use lumens as a measure of brightness. You can choose a light that goes up to 6000 lumens.