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One of the interesting things about hobbies are that they’re intensely personal and feelings about one particular hobby can have polar opposite reactions in different people. For example, one person might be a huge soccer fan while another finds there to be too little action and scoring for their liking. Another might be into scrapbooking and have a home filled with supplies while another thinks it’s nothing more than frivolity. Yet another example of this is camping and hiking. While some people would prefer to grab some popcorn from the grocery store and stay in the comfort of the indoors with their technology at the ready, others would much rather scour the sporting goods section and rough the outdoors for a weekend with nothing more than a tent and a few supplies.

Shelter from the Storm: Camping Equipment 101

When you go camping for any length of time, you’re going to need certain camping equipment. One of the first things you’ll need is some kind of shelter, whether it’s in the form of a tent or some other sort of protective item. Camping tents come in all different shapes and sizes, from options that fit a single camper all, to those that fit two people in cozy fashion, to even those that can fit 12 people in a single camping tent. The size you choose depends on the size of your family or group, as well as how much room each camper may require. For those who prefer to go past the traditional camping tent, there are shelters that have more of an open concept or even those that act as almost portable screened-in rooms.

Satisfying Your Hunger

After you’ve staked in the tent or shelter at your campsite, you’re likely to be pretty hungry, so you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of food along with you, as well as something that you can use to heat that food. This is where camping cooking supplies come into play. Camping stoves or even portable grills can help you to have a traditional hot dog roast (in perhaps an untraditional camping way) or make s’mores for a late dessert. You’ll also want to make sure to have at least one camping cooler along with you to keep cool items as fresh as possible.

Take a Hike: The Basics of Hiking Equipment

For those who might be looking less at a camping trip and more of a day hike, you can find hiking equipment that’s targeted specifically to hikers. These might include compasses and GPS units to let you know where you are at all times, walking sticks to help you traverse rough terrain, over-the-shoulder coolers for those hikes on hot days, or waist packs to allow you to keep supplies close at hand, just to name a few.

Out in the Woods

While there are some who would rather be anywhere but roughing it out in the woods, others feel more at home with a compass in hand and pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere than they do anywhere else. Camping and hiking can be enjoyable activities with family and friends that forge lifelong memories, but in order to have a successful and relaxing trip, having all of the proper sporting goods—that is, camping and hiking equipment—is a must.

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