Relax at a Campground or RV Park

If life has given you lemons, then it is time to head to a campground or RV park for some relaxation. Camping is a fun family affair, and you can do it in a tent, a motor home, or a travel trailer. Look no further for campground memberships for sale than eBay when you wan to plan your next camping adventure at a new campground or RV park you've never been to before.

Campground membership programs

If you plan on going camping often, then you may want to join a campground membership program, like:

  • Passport America - Good at over 1,800 campgrounds across the United States, you can save off already discounted campground rates when you buy your membership on eBay. Campgrounds that are part of this membership program include Jetstream RV Resort at NASA, Verde Ranch RV Resort, Park Isabel Park Center, and Sage View Ranch. Membership also includes a trip planning service.
  • Escapees RV Club - This membership program offers discounts at over 800 campgrounds across the U.S. They can also forward your mail, help you find jobs in exchange for camping space, and they provide roadside assistance.
  • Good Sam Club - You can get a small discount at some campgrounds when you buy a Good Sam Club membership on eBay. They also offer discounts at camping stores, and they provide roadside assistance in some cases.
  • Boondockers Welcome - This club offers private camping spaces at over 1,000 sites nationwide. You also get the advantage of meeting people who know the local area. Some spots even offer hookups.
  • Harvest Host - While you must be self-contained, this membership entitles you to stay for one night at more than 750 farms, museums, and wineries for free. You can use the membership as many times in a year as you wish.
Amenities found at some campgrounds

You can find different amenities at various campgrounds, including:

  • Waterfront activities - From boating and fishing to swimming and surfing, you may want to consider a campground with waterfront amenities.
  • Kids' programs - Many campgrounds employ special staff to organize children's programming, allowing parents time to get away.
  • Movies - Many campgrounds offer outdoor movie nights. These may be organized in a large grassy field or the campground's swimming pool.
  • Nature programs - Some campgrounds offer special talks or activities helping people understand wildlife living in the area.
  • Stargazing - Since campgrounds are often in remote locations, many organize special programs to look at the dark sky filled with thousands of stars.
Factors to consider when looking for a campground

You may need to consider which type of campground meets your needs. Some campgrounds offer both 30- and 50-amp electricity, while some offer only one or the other. You need to know which is the case in a campground that you are considering or make sure to bring along power-converting equipment. You also need to check if the campground provides water and sewer outlets. You may need to bring along special sewer pipes or sewer pipe holders allowing you to connect to these hookups. You may also need to bring along a water regulator in case the water pressure is too high.