Camera Lenses & Filters

Camera Lens Filters

It is important for photographers to capture the most beautiful images they can. Weather conditions, light reflection, and other factors don't always allow for the perfect photograph. Filters are available to help photographers make their images more visually pleasing.

What are camera lens filters for?

Lens filters are used for protecting the front element of a lens. They are used for outdoor filming, in order to block the UV rays from destroying the film. As a result, colors are brighter, and pictures are clearer. It can reduce haze and helps capture beauty in outdoor filming regardless of weather conditions.

What are some types of camera filters?

There are many different types of camera filters, which may cause some confusion over which type is needed. The different types that are available are:

  • Linear and circular polarizing filters: Polarizing filters helps reduce glare when filming the sky, water, and landscapes.
  • Neutral density: These neutral density filters extend exposure time when capturing waterfalls and rivers.
  • Graduated Neutral Density: Graduated ND filters control strong light gradients and reduce vignetting when capturing brightly lit landscapes.
  • UV filter / Haze filter: Haze and UV filters help improve clarity and can be used for any type of subject matter.
  • Warming / Cooling: This type changes and controls the white balance when filming subject matter such as landscapes, underwater, and scenes with special lighting.
How does a photographer know which filter to use?

This all depends upon the subject matter being filmed. A professional photographer usually carries all types of filters with their camera equipmentin order to properly film any subject matter.

What is a filter adapter ring?

A filter adapter ring is a device that is used when a filter is being used on a lens with a larger or smaller thread size. The filter rings come in handy for a photographer who does not have separate filters for all lens filter sizes. They are available in step-up and step-down sizes.

How do color filters work in black and white photography?

This type of filter helps control the contrast of lightness and darkness as well as gray tones. It provides a sharper, more visually appealing image. Some of the different colors of camera filters are green, yellow-green, yellow, orange, and red. Each color filter will help to make its own color in the photograph appear as a lighter gray, and make its opposite color appear darker. This creates more defined lines and produces more depth of objects in black and white photography. Known as tonal rendition, this helps photographers to create higher quality photographs.