Camera Flash Brackets

A flash bracket fits into a shoe mount and provides multiple, similar mounts for accessories. With video and audio recording functionality, a camera flash bracket often needs to do more than just hold a flash. A bracket can allow you to mount accessories like microphones and video lighting that may need to find a spot on your camera.

What types of accessories go on a camera flash bracket?

From providing light to recording sound or syncing with other equipment, the items that go on the flash bracket of a camera can do many things as part of video or still photography. Those items include:

  • Flash
  • Microphone
  • Video light
  • Reflector
  • Syncing device
What types of camera brackets are there?

There are many varieties of brackets.

  • The V-shape design has mounts extending up and away from the shoe. V-shape brackets are useful for mounting lighting and a microphone to shoot video. Place the flash in the position closest to the camera.
  • A flat bracket extends to the left and right of the shoe. This is useful if you are using dual flash for photos.
  • A swivel or gimbal bracket adjusts the position and angle of the mount. You can use a swivel on another bracket for increased flexibility if you have a cumbersome accessory in your kit.
  • A handle mount incorporates a handle into it for better grip of your camera.
Will a bracket trip a flash, or several?

Some will. You will need to be sure you are getting a hot shoe device if you need to trip a single flash or multiple flashes. Most are cold shoe brackets and will not trip a flash. If you have a cold shoe bracket you may be able to trip your flash using a plug into the camera, or by a sync device. However, many of the devices you may attach, like a microphone or light reflector, do not require a hot connection.

Where's the best place to put the flash?

It is generally best to keep the flash as close to the lens and centered as possible unless you are using multiple flashes. If the light source is too far away from the lens, there will be a noticeable shadow in captured images. If you are using multiple flashes, be sure to spread them along the front of your scene evenly to avoid shadows.

How much weight can the shoe support?

The shoe should be able to support multiple devices that are designed to be mounted in a shoe. If you see any sagging or wiggling, you should reduce the weight.