Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American designer known for its classically American clothing. The items that bear his eponymous brand include menswear, womenswear, underwear, jeans, jewelry, fragrances, and home décor items. Calvin Klein is known for his advertising campaigns, which helped launch the careers of stars like Brooke Shields and Mark Wahlberg.

What are the different types of Calvin Klein men's underwear?

The company manufactures a variety of Calvin Klein underwear styles for men, including boxer shorts, briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. Standard men's briefs are available in both high rise and low rise styles. The Calvin Klein underwear line for men is manufactured out of 100% cotton and has a reputation for being extremely comfortable.

What are some CK home decor and personal care items?

You can sleep on CK sheets and cuddle up under CK duvets, blankets, and throws. For the bathroom, there are CK towels and body lotions that are imbued with the scents of some of Calvin Klein's perfumes.

What kinds of watches does Calvin Klein manufacture?

The CK watch collection comes in more than 200 distinct styles. Calvin Klein's collection contains pieces designed for both men and women. The timepieces feature analog displays and are powered by a small quartz crystal that functions as a battery.

What's the difference between the various Calvin Klein perfumes?

When the company launched the product Calvin in 1981, it became one of the first design houses to market a signature scent. The company went on to create nearly 150 distinct scent products in conjunction with such influential parfumiers such as Pascal Gaurin, Yves Cassar, and Jean-Marc Chaillan. Some of familiar scents include Obsession, Eternity, and CK, and a general description is below:

  • Obsession: Obsession is a spicy, citrusy scent that is sold in product lines for men and for women. The difference between the two lines is not the scent's ingredients per se, but the fact that the masculine scent is constituted in such a way that the more aromatic base notes are apt to linger.
  • Eternity: The love story of Calvin and Kelly Klein reportedly inspired the creation of the Eternity scent. The perfume's opening notes are floral, but those aromas soon give way to sandalwood and musk. Like Obsession, Eternity comes in products designed for men and products designed for women.
  • CK: CK was one of the first "unisex" perfumes. Its scent is often compared to the smell of freshly washed linen.
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