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Callaway Golf Shoes for Men

Callaway offers men's footwear that can be worn to the driving range or out to the golf course. There are different versions of shoes, each with attributes that may be ideal in different situations. You can decide which ones might work for you, given your personal playing style.

What options exist in a golf shoe?

As a starting point, reference your usual shoe size when picking golf shoes. Then, you can consider the customization options that offer a bridge between comfort and performance. In terms of sizing, golf shoes don't only vary by length, but also by width in order to accommodate the widest variety of foot shapes. Other sizing variations to look for include sole thickness and instep.

What are the different types of golf shoes?
  • Spiked:These will give you stability during your swing, since you will be able to grip the ground with your spikes. They are appropriate to use on both wet and dry grass.
  • Spikeless: These might look more like casual street shoes than traditional golf shoes. In general, they are low-profile, flat soled, lightweight, and flexible. On the bottoms of the shoes can be rubber studs or dimples to provide some level of grip.
  • Boots: With golf boots, you can be ready for muddy, wet, and cold conditions. They extend above the ankle for extra support, and they are covered with waterproof material to keep moisture away from your feet. They come with studs on the bottom of the soles, and some can come with gaiters for leg protection.
  • Sandals: These can be used in warm weather since they allow feet to breathe. Most golf sandals can be secured with Velcro straps and have rugged soles with built-in studs or lugs.
What are golf shoes made of?

A combination of materials is used in manufacturing a golf shoe. The following materials are commonly seen:

  • Leather: Processed leather can be made to be water-resistant or waterproof. Because leather is unlikely to stretch or warp, it lets golfers achieve a consistently secure fit. Leather can be wiped clean.
  • Waterproof linings: Goretex and other waterproof finishes are used in various areas of shoes. Lining can add to the comfort of a shoe, as well as providing an additional layer of warmth during colder weather golf outings.
  • Synthetic fabric: Some uppers are made out of man-made material, usually a polyester. Man-made fabrics can be light and thin.
  • Plastic: Plastic spikes are lightweight and somewhat flexible. They can grip the ground on a swing but slightly bend and sway to make walking feel more natural.
  • Metal: Metal spikes are strong and durable, and they can penetrate and cling to a playing surface.
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