A Look at the 'Call of Duty: Black Ops III' Video Game for PlayStation 4 from Sony

"Call of Duty: Black Ops III" is a video game for the Sony PlayStation 4 video game console released by Activision in late 2015. This first-person shooter is the is the 12th installment of the long-running Call of Duty series that is playable on several different gaming consoles but is most well-known for being played on the PlayStation 4. Additional features, a new storyline, and the same old excitement pack a punch in this addition to the classic franchise on the Sony PS4.

What are some of the features available in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops III' for the PlayStation 4?

A host of new campaign features as well as a new multiplayer and zombie mode are just a few things you can look forward to in this version of the game. Here are some of the elements of this PS4 game:

  • Co-op campaign: Social gaming gets a facelift on the PS4 with the ability to play with up to 18 players online within the network that supports the multiplayer and zombie game modes.
  • Cinematic arena-style play: New open-area arenas let players approach game modes with different strategies each time they set out on a campaign.
  • Character progression: Customize your player fully from top to bottom, including weapons, abilities, and outfits while progressing through campaign levels and earning personalized armory.
What's different about the multiplayer game mode?

The game's makers revamped the multiplayer mode for this PlayStation title to include features like:

  • New movement system: A momentum-based movement system lets players jump, slide, and mantle more fluidly through arenas while maintaining control of their weapon.
  • Tailored map design: Due to the new movement system, maps had to evolve. The maps are compatible with advanced movement combinations.
  • Specialist characters: The system lets players concentrate on and master specific character skills to rank up and achieve personal weapons.
Is there a four-player, split-screen mode?

There is a two-player split screen. However, if you register online via the PlayStation store, you can use the multiplayer mode, which will give you access to campaigns that can have up to 18-player split-screens.

What's is the PS4 Black Ops Zombie mode?

A narrative that includes a fully immersive XP progression system that makes the mode replayable for hardcore zombie fans.

What is the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game?

The digital deluxe or collectors' edition is a wonderful option for hardcore fans of the game. It includes:

  • Giant zombies bonus map: This huge map is set in a German research facility and includes a weapon-upgrading machine and re-imagines the classic Der Riese map.
  • Weapon personalization packs: Upgrade your armory with your PlayStation account to access customizable weapons inspired by Origins and Cyborg electrotech themes.
  • NUK3TOWN bonus map: This map integrates the new chain-movement system of Black Ops III while players battle it out in the NUK3TOWN arena.
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