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A Buyer's Guide to Cactus and Succulent Plants

A cactus's thorns are a precious, beautiful, and endlessly diverse form of plant life that brings joy and warmth to any home or business. On eBay, new cactus plants for sale are available in all their eclectic varieties. Finding the right eBay cactus and succulent plants to buy is a matter of personal taste, understanding of the species, and your ability to properly tend to them in your current location.

Types of cactus and succulent plants

There are a myriad of different species of new and preowned succulents and cactus for sale on eBay. In addition to its different species, an eBay cactus or succulent may be a dwarf, variegated, edible, or flowering plant. It may be deciduous, evergreen, or semi-evergreen.

Are there growing condition considerations when choosing cactus and succulent plants?

You want to make sure that any cactus or succulent you buy on eBay will be properly cared for and thrive in the environment where you place it. Fortunately, cacti and succulents are among the easiest and most forgiving plants to care for. Nevertheless, different cacti and succulents thrive in somewhat different environments, requiring you to understand which cacti and succulents are the most and least suitable for your given environment. The following considerations will help you do just that:

  • Sunlight - Different cacti and succulents require different amounts and types of sunlight, indicated as full sun, full shade, or partial shade.
  • Climate - Different cacti and succulents require different climates, such as cold, temperate, dry, sub-tropical, or tropical.
  • Soil - Different cacti and succulents need different types of soil, whether it is chalk, clay, peat, loam, sand, silt, or saline.
  • Watering - Even within the realm of cacti and succulents, there are still varying degrees of water requirements between light, medium, and heavy. Water criteria depends on the genus.
  • Hardiness zone - For convenient identification, find out which hardiness zone, between 1 and 13, are most supportive of a cactus or succulent plant's healthy growth. The different zones are broken into climate regions.
Forms of cactus and succulent plants to consider

Some succulents and cactus for sale are sold as whole plants in a pot or simply rooted in soil. Others, however, may be sold in the form of a leaf or preowned cutting, caudex, seedling, or plant plug. You can even buy cactus and succulent seeds on eBay. In which form you buy your cactus and succulents on eBay depends on your plans for them once they arrive. If you buy inexpensive seeds, make sure you can germinate them. If you buy cuttings, make sure you can root them. If you want a plant you can give as a gift, place on your work desk, or place in a window at home as soon as it arrives, then a plant in a pot or a plant that you put into the ground may be the most logical option.

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