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Cabela's Gift Cards

Gift cards for Cabela's give you versatility when purchasing hunting and sporting equipment, clothing, and accessories at any Cabela's brick and mortar locations or online. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of Cabela's cards available and how you can apply them to your next purchase.

Why should you buy Cabela's gift cards?

Cards for Cabela's merchandise can help you stretch your purchasing dollars further. In addition, these gift cards are convenient and easy to give as gifts.

  • If your Cabela's location doesn't have any of the outdoor gear or other items you need currently, you can purchase physical or digital merchandise credit that you can apply to your personal account for later use. You will then be able to use this credit for any future purchases when you find something you want.
  • You can save several gift cards in your wallet or bag and use them as you need them.

What types of Cabela's cards can you purchase?

The establishment offers gift cards as both physical cards and eGift cards, and they come in different dollar amounts. This allows you to buy the ones that fit your needs and budget.

  • These coupons are available in several amounts, including $25, $50, $100, and $500 amounts.
  • You can choose any coupons that will fit your budget or purchase a larger-than-normal card for extended sporting goods shopping.
  • If you have your own account at any of Cabela's locations, you can purchase store merchandise units that will add specific amounts directly. You can view the balances remaining on these items at any time online.

How can you redeem your Cabela's gift cards?

Once you have chosen and purchased the codes of your choice, there are a few ways you can redeem them for personal use.

  • If you have purchased physical gift cards, they should arrive in your mailbox within a few business days.
  • You can then store these certificates for later use. If you are ready to redeem them, simply present them to a clerk on your next visit to a Cabela's store.
  • The clerk will scan your gift cards and deduct the appropriate amounts to cover your purchases.
  • If you bought digital certificates, they will usually arrive in the form of a code that is sent to your email inbox.
  • You can note these codes for later and paste them into the appropriate boxes when you make your next online purchase from Cabela's.

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