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CR123A Single Use Batteries

Single-use lithium batteries are convenient ways to charge your frequently used tools. You can use the batteries with your flashlights, cameras, and power packs. The batteries are lightweight and ideal for traveling.

What are the specifications of the CR123A battery?

The battery size is CR123A, which is a standard 3V lithium battery.The element inside the CR123A battery is Lithium, which is a soft silver-white metal and the lightest of the alkali metals. The 123A has 3 Volts, telling you the power of the battery. The terminal type is button top, and the battery has a shelf life of 10 years.

What voltage does the SureFire lithium battery use?

The battery made of lithium uses 3 Volts. It has 1550 mAh of energy capacity to keep your tools running for a long time. The lithium battery works well with flashlights that use CR123A size.

What are some uses for energizer batteries?

You can use the energizer lithium batteries for high-drain and high-tech devices. You can use lithium batteries in digital cameras, GPS, and MP3 devices. More uses include cell phone backup, halogen bulbs, and portable TVs. Plus, you can use them in motorized toys, music players, and flashlights. The batteries will last 10 or more years unused, depending on the battery type. It's important to use the same battery type for your device. Mixing battery types could cause leakage.

What should you know about Duracell 123 batteries and usage?

Duracell 123 batteries have up to four times the strength of alkaline batteries. Plus, the batteries have Duralock Power Preserve Technology. They are similar to using CR123 and CR123a batteries. The Duracell 123 batteries have 3-volt lithium, which you can use to power photo equipment, stream light, firearm light, and tactical light. The minimum shelf life of Duracell 123 batteries is seven years.

What are some features of the Tenergy 123A lithium battery?

The 123A made of lithium is a 3-Volt battery that is excellent for industrial applications. You can use the CR123A to replace the CR123. It can be to power photo equipment, light meters, dog collars, and security cameras, flashlights, tasers, electronic cigarette devices, and cameras to name a few.

The Tenergy 123A battery made of lithium is non-rechargeable, but will last three to five times longer than alkaline batteries when used in high-drain gadgets. It has a protection feature with a threshold of 5 amps that will prevent too much electrical discharge.

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