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The CHANEL brand was founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel in Paris, France. This fashion house is embedded in haute couture with their fragrances, clothing, jewelry, leather goods and accessory lines for women and men. Both vintage and new CHANEL handbags and accessories are available for buyers in styles such as totes, flap bags, quilted material, and in jumbo sizes.

What are the features of the 2.55 flap bag?

The classic flap bag is a design that was first introduced in 1955 and has been reintroduced and undergone minor changes throughout the years. The shoulder strap allows the ability to have both hands free and was introduced as an answer to the clutch purse. This design has two separate compartments, one traditionally for lipstick and one for money. A vintage flap bag may not always quilted, but quilting has become part of the design over the years. Another design feature that has changed over the years is the chain. Some are plain, and others have leather woven through them. They can be single or double chain and many lengths.

What is the difference between caviar leather and lambskin bags?

Caviar leather and lambskin are two choices for CHANEL handbags and even accessories, such as wallets. Lambskin handbags are soft to the touch and has the appearance of velvet. Caviar leather handbags are textured and bumpy to the touch. It is made from calfskin and has a fine grain, and is a bit more durable. Buyers can choose between these two materials for their leather handbag.

What materials does CHANEL use for bags?

CHANEL has a wide selection of handbag materials available that include different types of leather and cloth choices. Lambskin and Caviar calfskin leather are two popular choices. Some products, such as totes and flap bags, are also available in deerskin. They have calfskin in several different textures and options. Quilted calfskin, aged calfskin, cracked patent calfskin, glazed calfskin, and metallic calfskin can be found in modern pieces. Metallic goatskin with a glossy finish has recently been introduced. Metallics in calfskin and lambskin are also available. Cloth choices include jersey, velvet, tweed, and canvas. Materials such as Galuchar, which is sharkskin or stingray skin, are also available. Chanel also makes products in python leather and alligator leather. All of these materials have different fashion characteristics.

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