There is a CB Motorcycle Right for You Regardless of Your Riding Style

Honda produced more than 60 models of CB motorcycle starting in 1969, and when you shop on eBay, you can find a variety of engine sizes. This motorbike set a new standard for superbikes, and it was the first one to offer a 500-cubic centimeter engine. While you can find many vintage CB motorcycles, there are also numerous newer models available too.

CB motorcycles are as unique as you are

Many CB motorcycles offer great rides for their class, including:

  • CB750 - When you shop for a Honda CB750 for sale on eBay, you are shopping for the bike that is often called the universal Japanese motorcycle, and the Honda CB750 four was the first superbike ever produced. You can find options dating from 1969 to 2003, along with a 2007 option. An example of this Honda CB750 for sale is the Nighthawk 750. This model has a 4-stroke engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • CB200 - Introduced in 1973, look for early CB200 sport motorcycles to have a front and rear drum brake while later models had a front disc brake. An example of the Honda CB200 for sale would be the Honda CB200 Scrambler from 1974.
  • CB175 - Introduced in 1969, the first motorcycles of this type had a square gas tank while later models had round gas tanks. A forerunner of the Honda CB175 for sale is the 1968 Sloper, which is a cross between the CB160 and the CB175.
  • CB125 - You can also find Honda CB125s for sale. In 1973, when Honda introduced these bikes, they had front and rear drum brakes.
  • CB1300 - Honda first released this bike in 1998. It was never officially for sale in the United States, but you may be able to find this bike that the company produced until 2018 on eBay.
Different types of Honda CB motorcycles

If you are looking for a particular style of motorcycle, then consider the CB line, which includes:

  • Choppers - Often billed as the first chopper, you can get a vintage-look when you find the right Honda CB750 for sale eBay. The reliable Honda engines make them a great choice for people who choose to customize their ride.
  • Cruiser - If you are ready to hit the open highway, then a CB cruiser, like the Honda Nighthawk series, including the CBCB450SC, and the CB450SCL, that had a two-cylinder engine and two carburetors.
  • Sport - Many collectors choose the iconic Honda CB92 sportbike. This bike that Honda released in 1959 had a top speed of about 76 miles per hour. This Honda 125cc motorcycle features parallel-twin engines
Where can you ride Honda CB motorcycles?

The type of CB motorcycle you get helps determine the most appropriate place to ride it. Many choose the smaller CB motorcycles, like the Honda CB125, for vintage racing. If you are looking for a daily commuter, consider those with a mid-power range, like the Honda CB300. If the open highway is calling your name, then look to get a bigger bike, like the Honda CB759.

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