Add to Videography with a C-Mount Lens

A C mount lens is commonly used on various types of video cameras. You can have wide-angle, standard, and telephoto lenses for your video camera. eBay offers an array of new and used lenses for you to choose from.

What does a C-mount lens attach to?

A C-mount lens may attach to a number of different cameras. You will want to consider the type of camera as well as the video format to ensure that you're able to connect it to the camera properly. The camera may require an extension tube adapter based on the kind of camera you're working with.

  • 16mm movie cameras
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Machine vision cameras
  • Microscope photo tubes
What are the available focal lengths?

The focal length will impact how much of an angle you have. The larger the number, the smaller your angle is. Anything less than 35mm is considered wide-angle while anything over 70mm is considered telephoto. There are various focal lengths for you to choose from in a C-mount lens, including the following common ones:

  • 24mm
  • 28mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 85mm
What are some features found on C-mount lenses?

There are quite a few features found on C-mount lenses. The features you find to be the most attractive will depend on the type of video camera you decide to mount the lens to. Not all features will be available on all lenses, but there are a few to be on the lookout for.

  • Zoom: With this you have multiple focal lengths to choose from in a single lens.
  • Autofocus: Focus in on a particular subject automatically.
  • Image stabilization: Avoid shakiness from wind or the camera being handheld with built-in image stabilization.
  • Special effects: Get help with various settings, such as night vision.
  • Macro: Get close to the subject without losing focus.
What might be bundled with a C-mount lens?

It's not uncommon to find custom bundles on eBay, ensuring that you get more of what you need. You can find a variety of accessories to go with your C-mount lens, both new and used.

  • Lens hood: Prevent a solar flare on the video.
  • Lens caps: Protect both sides of the lens.
  • Adapter: Ensure that the lens fits on the desired camera.
  • Filters: Protect the front element of the lens and control various lighting situations, such as high UV rays or haze.

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