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How to Choose Binoculars with Zoom Lenses

There are many reasons to use Bushnell binoculars and scopes that range from everyday use to more specialized applications. Based on usage as well as on which other features are important, selecting the right pair should hinge on several factors. Zoom lenses, in particular, allow you to get a closer look at whatever your subject is without missing any details. 

What Will You Use the Binoculars For?

Before you select a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars, decide what you'll be using the device for. Since the brand makes special binoculars for specific purposes, you'll want to take advantage of the features meant for that use in order to maximize your experience.

  • Birding binoculars, also used for wildlife, are binoculars with features meant for looking at animals in the wild. Some models, such as the NatureView, have features like a centered focus knob and a shock-absorbing exterior. After you focus in on the right bird, grab your camera for the perfect shot.
  • When you're going hunting, features matter. You may want a camouflage pair that blends in with your surroundings, such as the Trophy model, or the Excursion HD, which gives you a wide field of view and a waterproof housing. 
  • Everyday binoculars are available in many types, ranging from compact binoculars to keep in your bag on a hiking trip to models for viewing fireworks from far away. Some models to consider include the Elite, which gives you HD viewing and a lightweight design, or the Marine, which you can take out on the lake with you since they're buoyant and rugged.

How Much Magnification Do You Need?

Choosing a spotting scope or binoculars means you have to decide exactly how much magnification you need for your specific purpose.

  • You'll see two different numbers when you're looking at magnification, such as 10x42mm or 12x50mm.
  • The first number denotes how many times closer your subject will be, so Bushnell binoculars with a 12x50mm magnification indicate that the object you're looking at will be 12 times closer.
  • The second number is measured in millimeters. This is the size of the objective lens, which means how much light the binoculars allow in, so if you're using the binoculars in twilight or low-light situations, you'll want a higher diameter measurement to brighten your view.

Does Lens Coating Matter?

Another factor to weigh is lens coating, and there are differences between the coating types.

  • Fully multi-coated binoculars are completely coated. This is typical of a pair that may offer more performance, perhaps for tactical use or hunting.
  • You can select coated lenses for an anti-reflective design that can sharpen details and add richness to colors.
  • Some wildlife models have something called phase coating, which helps to eliminate excessive brightness. 

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