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Bush Hog Lawn Mower Parts Accessories

Following the manufacturer's guidelines and obtaining the correct replacement parts can help maintain your Bush Hog mower’s efficacy and durability.

What type of lawnmowers does Bush Hog make?
  • Riding lawnmowers: Manufactured for people with yards of all sizes, this lawnmower allows the homeowner to ride instead of walking with the vehicle.
  • Walk-behind lawnmowers: These mowers are designed for midsized properties. The small sized machine allows the homeowner to walk and push the mower with ease.
  • Tow-behind mowers: Like the walk-behind mowers, these are also lightweight and intended for mid- to large-sized properties.
What are the transmission modes for Bush Hog riding mowers?

There are three transmission modes:

  • Manual transmission: This transmission has a number of preset speeds that the rider can select. Lawnmowers that enable you to shift gears without stopping or using the clutch are suitable if you are looking for machines with this transmission.
  • Automatic transmission: Just like a car's transmission system, the speed of this mower is controlled by a gas pedal. This allows for a change of speed when working on a garden with numerous obstacles.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: Like the automatic transmission, this mode uses a gas pedal for speed variation. The power from the engines is transferred to the wheels by a fluid.
What blade types are available for Bush Hog lawnmowers?

It can help to know the different blade options when choosing the right kind for the job at hand as each is designed for a different purpose.

  • Reel blade: The reel blade is crafted to push against the ground the rider walks around. A total of three are required to trim well. With no use of electricity, this blade cuts by the use of kinetic energy.
  • Low-lift blade: Using a low-lift blade, these lawnmowers are designed to push grass towards the side. Unlike other cutting blades, these are positioned close to the ground.
  • High-lift blade: The high-lift blade comes with a couple of benefits. The blades push clippings upward, allowing for easy collection. The mower blades create a suction effect that sucks the clippings into the waste bag. These mower blades also prevent clogging of the cutting areas.
  • Mulching blade: In addition to mowing your lawn, these blades create a healthier garden by spreading mulch evenly across the garden. Like low-lift blades, mulching blades are fitted low. This enables them to spread the clippings while working.
  • 3-in-1 blade: The 3-in-1 blade option is essentially one size fits all. These multipurpose cutting edges are able to mulch, spread grass, and create clean lines.
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