Burris Eliminator Rifle Scopes Takes the Guesswork Out of Hunting

Big game hunters tend to gravitate to one particular cartridge. Calculating the range, windage, and drop rate of multiple types of ammo under field conditions can tax even the best mind. The new and used Burris Eliminator hunting rifle scopes on eBay represent a remarkable combination of a rifle scope and a microcomputer.

How does the Burris Eliminator work?

An onboard laser rangefinder calculates the exact range to the target, while the microprocessor uses a variety of factors to adjust the position of the aiming point on the reticle. In addition, all Burris optics are purged with dry nitrogen gas under pressure and then sealed with O-rings to provide a weatherproof environment in a wide variety of climates.

What factors does the Burris Eliminator use in its calculations?
  • Range - The exact range as calculated by the built-in laser is entered automatically.
  • Windage - The speed and direction of the wind provides an additional reference.
  • Ammunition - The weight of the bullet and the power of the cartridge enable the microprocessor to calculate the drop of the bullet at the range of the target.
  • Magnification - As the shooter adjusts the magnification, the microprocessor changes the aiming point.
What are common terms used with these rifle scopes?

The reasonably priced Eliminator hunting rifle scope available on eBay offers the following unique features:

  • Field of view: The rifle scope offers a field of view of 100 yards. The term field of view is usually expressed as FOV@100yds and is the width of the area that can be viewed through the scope 100 yards forward. The greater the field view, the wider the area you can observe.
  • Eye relief: The eye relief is the optimum distance between the shooter's eye and the eyepiece of the scope. The further away the shooter's eye is from the eyepiece, the smaller the field of view.
  • Parallax free: Technically, a parallax view is a type of stereo vision providing depth perception. When sighting a distant object through a rifle scope, the object may seem to move across the aiming point as the eye moves. The term parallax free means that the scope has been preset to eliminate the defect at a given range, which is usually 100 yards.
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