A Burning Laser Pointer for the Great Outdoors

Laser pointers are practical tools that are often used for corporate presentations. The utility of a burning laser pointer extends beyond that and into stargazing and even into lighting matches, candles, and more. They are prolific tools that you will probably find much use for in your daily life.

What materials are burning laser pointers made from?

Burning laser pointers must be made of sturdy metals. This helps to ensure that your laser pointer will work as intended for a long time. Many models found on eBay are made of professional-quality, aeronautics-grade metals, which is often both lightweight and durable. Easy and safe to use when used correctly.

What kinds of batteries do burning laser pointers use?

Most burning laser pointers use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a higher capacity than alkaline batteries and can be rechargeable. These batteries often last for a relatively long amount of time in laser pointers. Additionally, if you have the rechargeable type, they are convenient to recharge and replace so you don't have to worry about keeping batteries on hand.

What kind of range do burning laser pointers have?

The range that a pointer has varies from model to model. In order to burn something, the object will need to be close to the pointer. However, for observation purposes, they have much higher ranges. This comes in handy when observing and noting stars and constellations. Some burning laser pointers found on eBay have ranges that reach over a mile and beyond. Refer to the manufacturer's website for specific information regarding a specific model's range.

What effect does the color of the laser beam have?

Laser pointers can have several different colors of beams. An eBay search reveals a variety of colors of laser pointers, and different colors do have an impact on how they work. Below are a few examples and their specific properties:

  • Red - These are good for most uses and are relatively easy to see. They are a very common color of laser pointer.
  • Green - This is an especially bright laser color. They are good for use outside because they are easily visible to the human eye.
  • Blue - Blue creates more heat than the other colors, and is good for burning applications.
  • Violet - because they can be close to ultraviolet light wavelengths, purple lasers can be hard to see. Commercially used to burn Blu-ray discs, the average person can use them to light matches and pop balloons.