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Toyota T100 Bumpers

The Toyota T100 is one of the early full-sized pickups made by Toyota, and they are known for their reliability and practical size. As in all vehicles, the bumper is an important part of your Toyota T100, as it helps to protect the front and rear ends of your car in the event of a collision. There are various original manufacturer equipment and aftermarket front and rear bumpers available for the T100 if you are in need of a replacement or you are looking for an upgrade.

How do you install front bumper covers on a T100?

Replacing the front bumper cover on your Toyota T100 pickup may seem like a daunting task, but this job can be done at home. Make sure you purchase a front bumper that is compatible with your T100 truck model and year, and also note that the process may vary slightly depending on the replacement item you buy.

  • Disconnect the corner light bulbs from under the front of the Toyota truck, and remove the light housing from the front bumper if applicable.
  • Remove the nuts and bolts below the fender at the front of the wheel wells and the ones under the car on each side where the front bumper is attached to the body of the car. As you remove these bolts, use caution to ensure that it doesn't fall off as you are working.
  • Pull the old Toyota T100 front bumper outward and place it to the side.
  • Open the hood of the Toyota vehicle, and remove the bolts at the bottom front corner under the hood that attach the bumper's bracket from the underside. Attach the new brackets in the same space.
  • Place the new bumper onto the front of the T100 truck, and attach the nuts and bolts in all spots to ensure that it is secured to the Toyota's body.

What are Toyota T100 bumpers made of?

Toyota T100 bumpers may be composed of a variety of materials that are designed to protect your car and absorb impacts more efficiently. The actual bumper, or the interior portion that makes up part of Toyota's frame, is most commonly made of durable steel. The cover, or the visible outer portion, may be made of chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, or other materials. Some may also incorporate rubber or foam pieces to help absorb impact and protect the Toyota vehicle further.