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Nissan Versa Bumpers

Front and rear bumpers are integral parts of a Nissan Versa. These components protect the Versa in a minor crash, and they help the sedan look put together and complete. If your Nissan bumpers become smashed, scratched, or dented, they can be replaced with new Versa bumper parts or accessories.

Why does a Nissan Versa sedan have bumpers?

A Nissan Versa has both a front bumper and a rear bumper. These parts contribute to the body styling of the vehicle. However, they also serve a structural function. Bumpers can absorb the impact of a collision, which may spare the body of the Versa sedan from damage in a low-speed crash.

What are the components of a Nissan Versa bumper?

A Nissan Versa bumper is not a one-piece car part. Instead, Nissan bumpers have multiple components, and you can replace just one of the pieces for your sedan or replace several of them.

  • Bumper cover - When you look at the outside of a Nissan Versa SV, the cover is the part of the bumper that you can see. This Nissan part can be made of metal, but it is usually plastic. A Nissan Versa bumper cover contributes to the overall look of the vehicle and is usually painted to match the rest of the Versa hatchback.
  • Bumper reinforcement - This is the part of a Nissan bumper that is responsible for absorbing the impact of a collision. It fits inside the cover to provide strength to the unit. This vehicle part may be made of plastic, metal, or fiberglass.
  • Molding - The front bumper of a Nissan Versa may have a thin strip of molding across it. This part adds visual interest to the bumper, and it can also keep the bumper from getting scratched during a minor impact. It may be the same length as the front bumper, or it may be limited to the corner area of the bumper.
  • Spoiler - Both a front and a rear bumper may have a small spoiler attached to it as a decorative element. This part can come attached to a Nissan bumper cover, or it can be purchased separately.
  • Brackets - Supports and hardware hold the bumper to the Versa sedan.
  • Accessories - A Nissan Versa SV bumper has cutouts for the lights and vents of the sedan. The covers, bezels, and inserts for these Nissan parts can be replaced.
What color is a Nissan Versa bumper?

The bumper usually matches the rest of the body of a Nissan Versa CVT. You can purchase a Nissan bumper that is already painted to match your sedan. Paint shades can vary between model years, so it is important to order a bumper that specifically matches cars from the model year that your Versa was made.

You can also purchase a primed bumper for your Nissan Versa. This type arrives already coated with primer, but it is not yet painted. By choosing the paint yourself, you can ensure an exact match.

Molding for the front bumper of a Nissan Versa sedan often has a shiny chrome finish.