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Bumpers for Mercedes-Benz 190E

The Mercedes-Benz 190E was in production from 1982 to 1993 in various models, and it evolved numerous times in its 11-year run. The basic Benz performance model is a four-door sedan available in either a manual or automatic transmission. It features a front engine and a rear-wheel drive.

What is the purpose of the bumper on a Mercedes-Benz?

The purpose of the bumper on any vehicle is to absorb the impact of a collision. The bumper decreases the cost of repairs and helps protect pedestrians from injury. Most cars are required to have a front bumper and a rear bumper as safety features in addition to brakes.

What materials are bumpers made of?

Car bumpers can be made from several materials, typically with a plastic outer cover over another material for reinforcement. This reinforcement material might be made from:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

Bumpers might also contain some type of foam or other plastic to help absorb impact.

How do you replace an old Mercedes-Benz 190E bumper?

Removing the old bumper on your Mercedes is going to be different depending on what model you have, but the general process is as follows:

  1. Stress safety first: Make sure to clear out a safe space to do work on your vehicle. In addition, make sure that you are not positioned underneath the bumper when you remove it, or it may fall on you. It might be helpful to have another person hold the bumper while you remove it.
  2. Remove any parts in the way: Remove the temperature sensor underneath the license plate frame to get it out of the way. Also unscrew and remove the fender liner, which will give you access to the bolts holding the bumper. In some Mercedes-Benz models you may also need to remove the headlights.
  3. Remove the fasteners: There are three fasteners you’ll need to remove in order to remove the bumper on your Mercedes: one 10 millimeter side bolt and two 14 millimeter nuts with washers. Make sure to keep these in a safe place for when you put the new bumper on.
  4. Pull off the old bumper: Once you have removed all the fasteners, the bumper should slide easily out of place. Be careful not to let it fall onto your feet, as it can cause injury.
  5. Install the replacement: The new bumper will attach to your Mercedes-Benz in the same way the old one did. Set the bumper in place, replace the side bolt and nuts and washers, and replace the headlights, fender liner, temperature sensor, and any other parts you removed.
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