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Kia Spectra Bumpers

Of all the cars on the road, few vehicles combine the fuel economy, performance, comfort, and style of the Kia Spectra. These cars are particularly successful in that the bumpers not only provide added safety but also maintain the stylish look that Kias are known for. In order to preserve these functions, it may become necessary to replace or repair the Kia Spectra bumpers on your vehicle.

What bumpers are available for the Kia Spectra?

Every car's bumpers are legally required in most state's jurisdictions. Kia meets the requirements of bumper standers in that these plastic covers are designed to absorb the damaging energy in low-speed and low-impact collisions. The main purpose of these covers is to protect against minor bumps and scratches, protect the cosmetic appeal of your car, and protect you and your passengers from the impact of a collision.

How do you replace the front bumper?

Removing the front bumper from any Kia will follow the same basic steps.

  • First, disconnect any wires from the bumper of your vehicle, such as the ones connecting the fog lamps and turn indicators.
  • Support the bumper with a jack or any supports that you have and remove the mounting bracket bolts. It may be necessary to spray them with a loosening agent to help get them started.
  • Lower the bumper from your car to the ground and remove any parts that are still connected to it.
  • You then only need to reconnect all your car's parts to the new bumper before attaching it in the same process.

Different models and years could have specific parts or bolt sizes that you will need to pay attention to, but these basic steps should hold true. Be sure to check with your manufacturer for exact sizes and specifications so that you purchase a bumper for your car that will match. Failing to tighten the bolts or forcing a fit could lead to a safety hazard.

Are Kia Spectra bumpers interchangeable with other Kia's bumpers?

While it may be true that some vehicles have a similar look and style, you must be careful to purchase only a Kia Spectra bumper that will fit your car. The design is to ensure the aerodynamics of your vehicle as well as to guard against minor collisions. Forcing another bumper to fit could compromise the security as well as cause the bumper to fall off your vehicle while in motion. Check with your Kia manufacturer to ensure that any Kia purchase will meet all the requirements to match the mounting bolts as well as follow the lines of your vehicle.