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Kia Sorento Bumpers

It's easy to overlook your Kia Sorento's bumpers. After all, the exterior of your Sorento model is designed with smooth curves, and the bumper is an integral but not obvious component of that shape. Without them, you would be missing an important part of your Sorento's exterior styling and occupant safety system, so ensuring your bumpers are in good condition is important to protecting your engine and helping you get the most out of your Kia.

What types of bumpers are there for a Kia Sorento?

Whether you need a front or a rear bumper or a bumper cover for your Kia Sorento, you have plenty of options. You can find many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket bumpers and bumper covers available in any color you may need to match your vehicle. Sizing is crucial here, especially when it comes to the actual bumper since the size and shape of the bumper determines how forces are distributed in an accident. Therefore, it's important to check for a match to the model year of your Kia Sorento and the trim level just to be sure. There are also aftermarket rear bumper guards available to protect the top of the bumper cover from scratches as you're loading and unloading the cargo area.

How do you maintain bumpers for Kia Sorento?

On your Sorento, what most people would call the bumper is what is visible on the exterior; however, this is just the bumper cover. Behind the bumper cover on your SUV is a much stronger piece of steel that is the actual bumper. However, both the bumper and the bumper cover are important to your Sorento's safety.

The bumper cover can absorb forces in extremely low-speed collisions that result in minor bumps whereas the main bumper helps direct the forces from a major collision to the proper points on the vehicle's frame and away from the engine. When it comes to maintaining the bumper, you want to check it periodically for rust and then cover over this rust using a flat paint. To maintain the bumper cover for your SUV, there are a few more things you can do:

  • Clean it: Whenever you come home from a long road trip in your Kia, you'll inevitably find dozens and dozens of dead bugs on your bumper cover. These bugs can break down the paint over time, leading to rust on your bumper cover. Therefore, it's important to take the extra time to thoroughly clean all the bugs and whatever else you find off your bumper cover.
  • Check it: One of the ways your bumper cover is held onto your Sorento is through plastic clips. Due to heavy vibration and harsh weather, these clips can break over time. It's wise to check every so often to make sure these clips are still intact so that you know your bumper cover is secure.
  • Protect it: If you frequently drive in rural areas in your Kia, you may want to consider installing a bumper cover protector. These shield the bumper cover from rocks, bugs, and whatever else gets thrown up on the road to ensure your bumper cover stays pristine.