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Hyundai Accent Bumpers

Hyundai Accent bumpers are available for both the front and rear of the vehicle. Different durable plastics and metals used to make these bumpers help to absorb impact from any accident. Caring for and reinforcing bumpers helps them to function most effectively for Hyundai Accent drivers.

What styles of Hyundai Accent bumpers are available?

Front and rear style Hyundai Accent bumpers for your specific model, whether it's a sedan or sport hatchback, are available. Hyundai Accent front bumpers cover the grille and vent on the front of the car while rear bumpers sit below the trunk space. The relatively low positioning on the subcompact car helps to further absorb shock throughout the vehicle that is caused by any impact to the bumpers.

What materials are Hyundai bumpers made from?

Front and rear Accent bumpers used to be made from bulky, heavy materials like steel but are now crafted from different kinds of ultra-durable plastic. There is usually a metal bar inside the bumper to withstand serious shock from collisions with other vehicles or objects. Plastic utilized for bumper construction is often temperature treated by rapid heating and cooling to strengthen bonds in the material.

How do you care for Hyundai bumpers?

Accent bumpers can be washed as part of a routine automatic or manual car wash. Utilize warm water and soap on a sponge to wash away any dirt, mud, or debris from the part. Once it is clean, rinse soap away with water and dry the bumper with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch the surface. Hyundai Accent bumpers can be polished or waxed to create a seal against scratches or dings. Apply polish or wax in a circular motion with a soft, dry cloth. Use another cloth to retrace the circular motion and wipe away any excess polish or wax.

What is a Hyundai bumper’s function?

Accent bumpers absorb impact to ensure any collision will cause as little damage as possible. In earlier car models, they were frequently very large and bulky. Due to advances in technology, including the creation of lighter metals and stronger plastics, bumpers are more streamlined while still performing the same function at a high-quality level. Bumpers on the Hyundai are also designed to be relatively easily replaceable due to their specific job.

What are some accessory parts needed for bumpers?

Brackets, reflectors, and reinforcements are all available for use with front and rear replacement bumpers on Hyundai Accents. Brackets hold the sedan's bumper onto the vehicle with a series of screws, bolts, and metal hardware. Support, retainer, and cover brackets are also all commonly used parts. Reflectors help a vehicle be seen from further away by catching the light and making your Accent visible to other drivers. Reinforcements sit underneath front and rear bumpers to help absorb additional impact from any contact with another object.