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GMC Sierra 2500HD Bumpers

A bumper serves many purposes on a GMC Sierra 2500HD. For instance, it helps to keep human and animal passengers inside of a vehicle safer during a collision by absorbing shock from the impact. It may also help to improve gas mileage or provide a smoother ride by making the HD vehicle more aerodynamic.

What types of materials are GMC Sierra bumpers made from?

In many cases, bumpers are made from plastic or similar materials. However, it is also possible to find steel or chrome bumpers. GMC Sierra 2500HD bumpers made from steel or chrome make it easier for drivers to create a custom look that meets their preferences. However, you can feel confident that your GMC Sierra 2500HD bumpers will work effectively whether they’re made from plastic or metal.

Can you paint steel or chrome bumpers?

Yes. For example, QR Parts makes a truck bumper that is made from steel and is already painted black. You can also find bumpers from a variety of manufacturers that are primed, which means that they are ready to be painted to meet your specifications. It may also be possible to find bumpers directly through GM that match the color of your current vehicle. Priming and painting a chrome or steel bumper may protect it from air and moisture that could lead to rust or other issues for a Sierra 2500HD, 2500HD Denali, or 2500HD SLT diesel truck.

Do GMC Sierra bumpers come with air-intake holes?

Yes, there are front bumpers that come with air-intake holes that are designed to make the truck more aerodynamic. They are also used to direct more air to the pickup's radiator, which can help to keep the truck cooler on hot days. This product is made by QR Parts and comes in both chrome and steel varieties. It is important to note that bumpers without air-intake holes still offer adequate protection to truck drivers and passengers in the event of a minor-to-moderate collision.

Will a Sierra 1500 bumper work a Sierra 2500?

Bumpers for the GMC Sierra are generally the same whether they’re found on a GMC Sierra 1500 or 2500 Crew Cab. However, it may be a good idea to look for a bumper that comes from the same model year as the one you currently own. For instance, MBI Auto makes bumpers that fit versions of this GMC vehicle manufactured between 2014 and 2017 while Autosdepo makes bumpers that fits Sierra GMCs made from 2003 to 2007.