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GMC Canyon Bumpers

The GMC Canyon is a midsize pickup truck that can be personalized by using aftermarket bumpers. You may also need to replace your bumper with an OEM product if it has experienced damage from a collision or another type of incident. There are several options when it comes to replacing the bumper on this pickup.

What types of bumpers are available for the GMC Canyon?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a bumper for your GMC truck. If you want to replace your factory bumper with the same type because it was damaged, be sure to look for the term "OEM." This means that the part is a genuine GMC product and is the same as the one that your vehicle came with originally.

There are also many options when it comes to aftermarket bumpers that can change the look of your truck. Both the front and rear bumper are available in a few different styles. However, the front bumper will vary depending on whether you have fog lights on your vehicle. If you'd like a bumper from a specific brand, you can find bumpers made by brands like Dorman, Prozone, and Martins to replace your current bumper.

How do you choose the right bumper for your truck?

The most important information you need for choosing your bumper is the year of your vehicle, the location on the truck where the bumper will go, and the type of bumper you want. You can get bumpers for the upper, lower, front, rear, left, or right side of the truck. The following is some information on the year ranges for bumper compatibility. This can help you choose the bumper that will fit your truck properly.

  • 2004-2012: Bumpers from these years are all interchangeable.
  • 2015-2018: These bumpers work on contemporary GMC Canyons, which have a different body style.
How do you install a replacement bumper on your vehicle?

The front bumper of the GMC Canyon is held on with pressure clips. These clips are easy to remove and require no specialized tools. Rear bumpers are held on with brackets.

In what finishes are these GMC Canyon bumpers available?

Bumpers designed for the Canyon from GMC come in a few different finishes. The two most common finishes are chrome and black. Although many chrome bumpers have some black accents, there are options that come entirely in chrome as well. You can also find bumpers in colors such as blue, red, and green.