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Ford Mustang Bumpers

A damaged bumper can negatively impact the look of your Ford Mustang. Bumper damage may come from a collision, damage in a parking lot, or other wear and tear over years of driving. You can easily repair and restore the look of your bumper with a replacement bumper that fits your specific Ford Mustang.

What different kids of Ford Mustang bumpers are available?

There are several different common types of Mustang bumpers available. When shopping for a replacement part, be sure you understand the difference between the cover and the assembly. The bumper cover is just the outer cover, usually made of fiberglass, that fits over the assembly. The assembly is a structural part of the car and will also require replacement if you have more extensive damage to your Mustang.

Do Mustang bumpers come pre-painted?

Most Mustang parts come with a coat of primer. This allows you to match your new piece to your car color when you receive it. Pre-used parts that come from other Ford Mustangs may come pre-painted and may require you to add a primer coat and a matching coat of paint to match your Mustang.

How do you choose the right replacement?

Choosing the right bumper is essential for a proper fit on your Mustang. To choose the right one, you need to know the year of your Mustang and the location in which the piece will be installed. Other important information includes whether your Mustang is a V6, a Mustang GT, or a Cobra edition as the parts on these cars may also be different. Be aware that bumpers fit a year range of Mustang models, rather than an individual year. The following are some of the more common year ranges when selecting a Ford Mustang bumper:

  • 1994–1998
  • 1999–2004
  • 2005–2009
  • 2010–2014
  • 2015–2017
How are replacement bumpers installed?

Replacements are relatively easy to install for those with knowledge of body work. The installation process may be done by a professional body shop as well. It's important to note that covers are held on by clips or brackets, depending on the year of your vehicle. If you no longer have the clips or brackets from your vehicle, you will need new or replacement parts for installation.

Are there different styles of bumpers?

If you're looking for a bumper to change the look of your Mustang, there are several aftermarket options that can give the front or rear of your Ford Mustang a new image. The following is some information on some options that can change the look of your Ford Mustang. If you want a factory piece, be sure to look for OEM in the description, as this indicates an authentic Ford product.

  • Racer Boy front: This style uses mesh grills for an aggressive front end look.
  • Shelby GT 500 front: This bumper adds a sporty look to the front of your V6 or GT Mustang.
  • Coyote rear: This option works with dual exhaust.
  • SVT Cobra Terminator rear: This choice has the recognizable "Cobra" lettering.