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Ford F-150 Bumper

A crucial component of any automobile, bumpers protect your vehicle and passengers while adding to the overall aesthetic. Whether you are looking to replace an old front bumper, rear bumper, or just accessorize your Ford F-150, there are many options available.

What should you consider when replacing a truck bumper?

If you are looking to install an OEM or aftermarket F-150 front bumper or rear bumper yourself, it is important to make sure you get all the pieces and extras you need to finish the job. The specific accessories you should include are:

  • Mounting hardware: If you are looking to install an aftermarket front bumper or rear bumper on your F-150 truck, you will want to check if your truck requires any special mounting hardware or a conversion kit. While many OEM replacement parts require fewer fittings to install, make sure you cover your bases by buying all the necessary hardware for mounting and accessories.
  • Lights: Make sure you find a bumper that accommodates the original light setup on your F-150. If you want to install one that can also house fog lights but do not currently have fog lights on your vehicle, additional work will be needed to install them. There are, however, some bumpers that do not accommodate lights.
  • Air dams: Some of the Ford F-150 models have bumpers that come in two pieces, a chrome upper bumper and a plastic apron or air dam below. If you are replacing the upper bumper, you may want to get a lower piece as well. There are a wide variety of air dams available, including some made of steel.
  • Accessories: Replacement front and rear bumpers are available with winch installation as an option. Mostly made of metal, these front bumpers and rear bumpers are something to consider when buying a replacement. Many also allow you to add additional lights.
What materials are available for replacement parts?

There are a wide variety of materials available. You will have your choice between different construction materials like:

  • Plastic: Many Ford models are produced with plastic bumpers on the front. However, you can change to heavier materials on most models if you wish.
  • Chrome: Chrome is a metal construction material that is both decorative and protective. You can also change aprons and air dams to chrome or metal on most models.
  • Steel: There are heavier bumpers made of steel available. This material is designed to fortify your F-150.
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