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Ford Explorer Bumpers

Anyone who drives a Ford Explorer knows that the bumper is an important means of protection for their SUV. A good bumper keeps your Ford from serious damage and keeps the engine and transmission from getting destroyed in a crash. If you own an Explorer and need a new bumper, it is crucial to understand the way these items influence your vehicle.

How do the builds of Ford Explorer bumpers vary?

The Explorer typically has a part that is known as a step bumper. A step bumper is designed for SUV vehicles and trucks. The step on this bumper helps you get in and out of the back of your vehicle. It also makes it easier to load items, such as wood and groceries, into the rear bed of this Ford model. However, you can also swap this bumper out with another if you want something that fits differently.

A standard bumper is typically designed to be a simple protecting item that keeps your vehicle from damage. You can also upgrade to a deep drop bumper for your Explorer. This type of bumper is often known as a cowboy bumper. It has a chrome-plated surface that is designed for towing. Those who plan on hauling heavy items may want a bumper like this on their Ford Explorer.

Other types of bumpers include a roll type that is typically designed for compact trucks. These have a trailer hitch just behind the middle of the bumper. You can also install a tube bumper to create a different aesthetic look. These are usually seen on Jeeps and have a bubbled look that emulates a fuller design style.

What accessories are available for a Ford Explorer bumper?

No matter what model of bumper you choose for your truck, you have many accessories that you can add to it to make it more effective. For example, a rear bumper vinyl protector helps keep your bumper safe from the light-to-medium speed impact of car wheels. You can easily slip this cover over your bumper to ensure it stays on tightly.

Other accessories that protect your bumper from wheel impact include a grille guard. These go on the front of your vehicle and protect it from damage from a front collision. However, you can also add steps to your bumper if you do not have a step model. This addition helps make it easier to access your truck without installing a new bumper.

What kinds of materials are Explorer bumpers available in?

Beyond the type of bumpers you can choose for your Ford, you can also choose various types of materials for their build. For example, you can buy plastic, fiberglass, carbon, and metal bumpers. Each has its own advantages worth considering.

Plastic types are typically easier to find and the most resistant to impact. Fiberglass is of the lightest type and is usually the easiest to repair. Carbon is heat-resistant and designed to be easy to paint if you want to change the design. Metal is usually among the strongest and most durable types you can find.