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Dodge Magnum Bumpers

Bumpers serve as protective, structural additions to many vehicle models including Dodge Magnums. They attach to both the front and rear of your Dodge, serving several important safety roles for the vehicle, driver, and passengers.

What are the features of bumpers for the Dodge Magnum?

Bumpers for the Magnum perform dual roles in both low-speed and high-speed impact scenarios. No matter where or under what conditions you drive, they are critical components of the car's safety features.

  • Bumpers on both the front and rear of the Dodge Magnum serve to insulate the driver and any passengers from impacts sustained at low speeds. These devices absorb the energy from the impact that might otherwise cause serious harm to anyone inside the Magnum at the time.
  • At high speeds, they protect more sensitive parts of your Dodge vehicle. Front bumpers are responsible for protecting the grille, engine, and hood of your Magnum. Rear ones prevent possible damage to the car's trunk or fuel-supply area.
  • Both sets also protect the various light arrays used by the Dodge Magnum.
  • Having them on your Dodge vehicle can mitigate any damage to the vehicle’s body.
How do you choose Magnum bumpers?

Choosing the right protection accessories for your Dodge Magnum involves several factors, including your personal preferences and local legal requirements. Front and rear protective devices, regardless of type, have maximum height values that you can’t exceed. However, the height values are ranged and you're free to position your bumper anywhere within those parameters.

What types of bumper materials are there?

Part of choosing the right component for your needs is deciding on what materials you want for your Dodge Magnum. You can use this guide to become familiar with some of the material types that are available.

  • Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and recyclable. Aluminum will provide the strength you need in a protection system while reducing the overall weight of your Magnum. That can help to reduce fuel consumption, improving your car's overall efficiency.
  • Carbon fiber is a good choice if you want something that is both durable and light. One of the key benefits of carbon fiber is that you can easily paint over any imperfections because paint tends to bond easily with this material.
  • Certain steel blends provide added strength. Their weight and density give them increased durability, and mixing steel with other metals and alloys can help reduce their weight while maintaining their strength.
  • Fiberglass systems are very lightweight but durable additions for your Dodge Magnum. Fiberglass systems are known to be relatively easy to paint and repair if needed.