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Dodge Durango Bumpers

The Dodge Durango is a mid-size or full-size SUV that comes in several different powertrain configurations. It can be used as a daily driver, a family car, or for towing boats, campers, or trailers. If your car gets damaged in a collision, you can change out the Dodge Durango bumpers for an updated look.

How do you choose the right bumper?

There are several factors to consider when choosing parts for your car. The most important factor is the year of your vehicle. Parts of the Durango are interchangeable within specific year ranges as the body styles and designs of the SUV were the same or similar. Parts may also vary between the different trims of the Durango. For example the 1998-2003 model years are compatible with each other, as are the 2004-2009 model years.

Do bumpers come painted?

Some bumpers will come painted while others will have a coat of primer so that you can have it painted to match your SUV. If you're buying a used bumper, you may want to add a coat of paint once you receive it. To find the exact paint shade of your vehicle, you can check the inside of the door jamb on the driver's side of your car. You can also use the VIN number and check with your dealership to find the name of the color.

What types of bumpers and accessories are there?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a bumper or related accessory for your Dodge Durango. Some of these parts are genuine manufacturer's parts and made by Mopar. These products will have the term OEM in the product description. There are also many aftermarket parts made by other manufacturers that will fit. The following is some information on the different bumpers and accessories that can be purchased for your Dodge Durango.

  • Rear bumper reinforcement bar: Adds stability to the rear of your car and can help protect in the event of a rear collision.
  • Upper front bumper: Sits below your headlights and grill and can be painted to match your car.
  • Front bumper cover: May have holes for fog lamps and tow hooks.
  • Front reinforcement bar: Helps reduce impact in the event of a front end collision.
  • Bumper brackets: Allow you to easily install your replacement bumper.
How do you install replacement bumpers on a Dodge?

Bumper installation is a simple process. Bumpers are held on by brackets and these can suffer damage if your bumper has been hit. The brackets that hold the bumper on can be found by opening the hood and looking from underneath the car. Once the old bumper is removed, you can use the existing clips if they're not worn or damaged or purchase replacement clips for installation. The removal and installation process can be done with basic tools and requires no mechanical knowledge.