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Dodge Caliber Bumpers

The Dodge Caliber is a five-door hatchback car that was made from 2007 through 2012. This car comes in several different trims and powertrain options. If the front bumper or rear bumper of your Dodge Caliber become damaged from a collision or accident, you can choose replacement Dodge Caliber bumpers from a plethora of options.

What is the purpose of bumpers on a Dodge Caliber?

The front bumper and rear bumper on your Dodge Caliber act as shock absorbers to help lessen the impact of a collision and reduce the chance of injury. They have reinforcements underneath to provide support and strength in the event of a collision. The cover, which is the part that most people think of as the bumper, is usually made of fiberglass or some type of blended plastic. These covers frequently become scratched or damaged during accidents and they can easily be replaced. The supports underneath can also be replaced if needed.

What types of products are available for your Caliber?

There are several different types of bumper-related products that you can purchase for your vehicle. If the bumper covers are damaged, you should know that the inner energy absorbers and reinforcements might also need to be replaced. The following information can help you choose among the different bumpers and other parts available for your Dodge Caliber.

  • Front cover: May come with holes for fog lamps.
  • Rear cover: Attaches to rear of the vehicle.
  • Front reinforcement: Installs behind the bumper for extra support.
  • Rear scuff protector: Helps prevent scratches and cosmetic damage to the bumper.
  • Brackets: Used for installation.
How do you choose the right parts for Dodge Caliber?

Since the Dodge Caliber was made from 2007 through 2012, most parts are interchangeable among all the models. When shopping for parts for your car you should be aware that the term "OEM" will frequently show up in a product description. This indicates that a part is a genuine Dodge product. You may also be able to find aftermarket parts for your Caliber that are made by other manufacturers. These parts may come painted, primed, or you can have them painted to match your car at a body shop.

How do you install a bumper on your Dodge Caliber?

Most covers are held in place with brackets. This type of hardware may suffer damage if you have an accident, and they may also need to be replaced when you change out the old piece. Once you remove the old part from your Caliber, you can use the existing hardware or a replacement set to install the part. If you're replacing the support, you will need some tools to complete the process as these are held in place with screws or bolts.

Do Caliber parts come with the hardware needed for installation?

Some Caliber parts do come with the hardware needed for installation. However, if you can't use the old hardware on your Dodge Caliber, you can order a replacement set.