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Chevrolet C10 Bumpers

Keep your Chevy looking great for years to come by taking care of its bumpers. You can get both front and back bumpers for your Chevrolet C10 that will offer protection from a collision. Since there are many kinds of bumpers available, simply find the option that fits your truck and style.

What parts make up a Chevrolet bumper?

While they may seem simple, bumpers are made of several components. These will typically include the main beam, outer covering, frame, tow hooks, air dam, and several bolts and fasteners. Whether you're going to replace the front or rear bumper, you will need some accessories for a proper installation. It is also possible to add some additional protection to the bumper of your pickup if you desire. Besides the individual bumpers, you can also get these bumper parts:

  • Absorber
  • Bracket
  • Cover
  • Protector
What colors of bumpers are there for the Chevrolet C10?

The majority of front and rear bumpers for Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks come in black and silver. It is also possible to choose other colors to suit your style. Some other colors include

  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Gold
  • Blue
How are bumpers fitted to the Chevrolet C10?

There are two basic types of fitting options for you to choose from for your pickup. If you want your Chevrolet pickup truck to look just like it did when it was originally produced, you need to find the bumpers that allow for a direct replacement.

If you want to change the look or function of your bumpers, you can opt for different parts and complete a performance installation. Before doing this, you should check the manual to make sure that the products you choose will keep you safe.

Are there aftermarket bumpers for Chevrolet trucks?

There are a range of aftermarket manufacturers that create bumpers for Chevy pickup trucks. These companies design and engineer their products to meet the specifications for the Chevrolet C10 trucks. For example, you can find options for your vehicle made from the following companies:

  • Aftermarket Products
  • Keystone Automotive Operations
  • Energy Suspension
  • Spectre Performance
  • UU-Auto Parts
What materials are used to make C10 bumpers?

Vehicle bumpers are usually made of steel, chrome, high-quality plastic, or a combination of these materials. The most durable products for pickups are made of steel or chrome. However, there are various plastic materials that provide suitable strength. Many bumpers for the Chevy C10 also have rubber on them somewhere to help with shock absorption and stability when climbing into the bed.