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Acura RSX Bumpers

The front and rear bumpers of the Acura RSX have a number of protective features. They improve the aerodynamics and protect the interior parts of the RSX like the engine and transmission from damage. The bumpers of your RSX are also designed to absorb the impact of collisions and minimize damage to the greater body.

What are the parts of Acura RSX Bumpers?

Acura bumpers have other underlying components that perform various roles. The energy absorbers are designed to absorb impact. Once they absorb impact and protect the engine, the radiator and other parts of the vehicle, they also collapse.

Bumper reinforcements absorb and distribute the force of impacts evenly throughout the frame. They absorb impact by tearing or deforming when they collide against something, which takes the energy of the system and prevents minimal damage to the body. Bumper reinforcements are usually made of steel and should not be straightened after impact.

Bumper grilles for Acura RSX are accessories that you can add to bumpers when styling up your Acura. To fit, they might require a little lift on the bumpers using a bumper lift kit.

What are the various styles for Acura RSX bumpers?

Bumpers for Acura models contribute greatly to the aesthetics. They come with various customized options. Choose bumpers for your RSX to fit your bodywork. Consider the customized aerodynamic designs that help create sleek sporty looks for your Acura or replace bumpers with exact replicas of the originals.

What considerations should you make when buying Acura RSX bumpers?

You can find original equipment manufacturer parts as well as aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts offer many customization options. They are usually made of various materials:

  • Steel bumpers are strong and heavy. The steel used is often blended with lighter material.
  • Carbon fiber bumpers are light and absorb shock well.
  • Fiberglass bumpers are light and durable. They are also easy to paint.
  • Plastic bumpers for the Acura are light. They are easy to paint but break easily on impact.

It is a legal requirement to ensure bumpers are fitted to meet certain criteria like remaining within the lift thresholds. When looking for bumpers and bumper parts for your Acura RSX, take note of the year of manufacture. Alternatively, compare the part numbers to ensure you pick the right fit. Other options to consider are the colors. It is possible to buy primered bumpers, pre-painted parts, or different colors of bumpers. Finally, fog lights and other light kits may be found molded into some bumpers.