Take In An NFL Game With Buffalo Bills Sports Tickets

The Buffalo Bills entertain their football opponents from August through December at New Era Field. The Bills' schedule consists of eight regular season games, two preseason games, and playoff games if necessary. There are three decks of seating that are available at New Era Field, and they come in at different prices, so you can choose what suits you.

Facts about the New Era Field

New Era Field was built in 1973, and the stadium is one of the more venerable stadiums in the NFL with a capacity of 71,608 seats. The stadium's capacity was reduced in a 1998 renovation, and it has been remodeled several times since its opening. The stadium is unique in that the playing field is located 50 feet below street level. This means that the upper level seats are not much higher than the street level. A variety of ticket options to this amazing arena are available on eBay.

What are the main seating options at New Era Field?

There are three main tiers of seats at the stadium. The first two tiers of seats completely encircle the field. The third tier does not make a complete ring around the stadium. Here are some of the main seating options available at the stadium.

  • 100 Level - This section completely encircles the field. The seats that are higher up in this level are not obstructed by the sideline. The seats that are behind the end zones are less expensive than the other seats on this level
  • 200 Level - This section offers some seats that are under cover if fans wish to get extra protection from some of the elements found in Buffalo.
  • 300 Level - This section has seats across both sidelines. There are no seats in the 300 level in either of the end zones.
  • Sideline Club - These are the lowest seats on the first level. Fans get exclusive entries and other amenities that include heaters on the seats.
Who do the Buffalo Bills play?

The Buffalo Bills play in the AFC East division. Every year, the Bills have home games against the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots. Additionally, the Bills always have two home games against other AFC teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens. Check eBay for tickets against any of these challenging rivals.

The available amenities at New Era Field

The stadium has one of the larger video boards in existence. The 88 by 32 HD video/scoreboard is one of the top 100 largest boards in the world and one of the bigger ones in the NFL. Fans can upgrade their tickets with the Bills Experience, which allows fans to meet players and have other unique experiences.

What concessions are available at the stadium?

The stadium contains 38 concession stands located throughout the concourses. There are also brew pubs located throughout the stadium. Given that the stadium is in Buffalo, there are many concessions available on the menu that feature buffalo flavors. New Era Field offers standard stadium fare as well as numerous specialty items.

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