Haul Bulk Materials With Ease Using a Bucket Elevator

A bucket elevator or grain leg from brands such as Schlagel, Dayton, or Sweet Manufacturing can make it a lot easier to transport bulk freight vertically in an industrial setting when necessary. You'll find a great selection of new and pre-owned elevator buckets at reasonable prices on eBay. Familiarizing yourself with the standard design parameter of bucket elevators and some of their main features can help you find the conveyor that suits your needs.

Main elevator bucket features

Most bucket conveyors can perform the same basic functions, but there are different models with various parameters that might be useful to you, depending on your needs. Some common features of many of the grain legs you will find on eBay are:

  • Fasteners - Bucket elevators have individual areas to connect to each bucket. You can remove, replace, or add buckets using this feature as necessary.
  • Access doors - These accessories allow you to inspect your bucket elevator without dismantling large portions.
  • Belting - Some bucket conveyors may use belts or treads. These belts are usually constructed from PVC.
Materials available for bucket elevators

Most bucket elevators use standard stainless-steel components, but the parts you can choose for some of the elevator's accessories can vary. A few of the options you will discover are:

  • Metallic - Some bucket conveyors can use heavy-duty metal buckets to transport materials. This might be a great option for you if you need to haul dense piles regularly.
  • Non-metallic - Many non-metallic elevator buckets are constructed from lightweight plastic. This plastic is durable enough to hold both loads and people if necessary. You can find new and pre-owned elevator buckets in various colors.
Are there different types of bucket elevators?

Elevator buckets and conveyors all perform the same basic functions, but there are a couple of main types that you can find. Each type can be useful. The most common types of elevator conveyors that you will find are:

  • Centrifugal - On centrifugal bucket elevators, the buckets are used to scoop material from the boot portion of the grain leg and move it along. They are called this because centrifugal force throws material from the buckets into the main chute. These elevators can be a good option for moving gravel or sand.
  • Continuous - Continuous bucket elevators can be a great choice if you need to transport fragile freight. The construction of continuous loaders ensures that debris or materials are not tossed into the chute.
Parts available for elevators

In addition to complete bucket elevators on eBay, you can also purchase new or used parts. You will find items such as hydraulic pumps that can be used to power the machines, individual buckets, gear cogs, and pins.