Keep your Printer Printing Perfectly with a Brother MFC 7360N Toner Cartridge

When printing a document or image, specific types of printers will use a colored powder known as toner to recreate the images on your screen on a page. By ejecting the toner in precise points across a page and setting it in place with a laser, the picture is printed as closely as possible to what's on the computer. For a Brother printer, the MFC 7360N toner cartridge is a good choice to ensure superior quality printouts with each usage.

What color is the toner inside a Brother 7360N cartridge?

The Brother MFC 7360N toner cartridge contains black toner powder. As the most used color of ink and toner and the most versatile of the bunch, keeping this type of toner stocked inside your printer is important for keeping your printer in good working order. Other colors are also available for this type of printer, so be sure to check the description when shopping for a certain type of toner on eBay.

How many pages can each Brother 7360N toner cartridge yield?

The exact number of pages that a single Brother MFC 7360N toner cartridge can yield varies for a number of reasons, most notably the amount of toner used on each page you decide to print. Obviously, printing jobs that require more toner for each page will use up your toner faster, resulting in less yield over the lifespan of the cartridge. Luckily, the official estimate from the manufacturer accounts for this, claiming that each toner cartridge can produce up to 2,600 pages on average if each page is covered with toner at a maximum of 5%. Even if you were to print pages with more than 5% coverage, you would still be able to get plenty of pages worth of content out of each cartridge, making it a good value in terms of printing technology.

Can you install Brother MFC 7360N cartridges in other printers?

There are several other types of Brother printers that the toner cartridges made for the MFC 7360 model can be used with. For offices who want multiple printer options with one type of replacement toner, choosing from printers who use the same refill type is an efficient way to stock a storeroom. While there are many more to choose from that can easily be found on eBay, a short list of compatible printers includes:

  • MFC 7240
  • IntelliFax 2840
  • DCP 7060D
  • HL 2240
  • MFC 7860DW
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