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Bronze Age Comics (1970-1983)

What used to be a niche hobby has gone mainstream and turned into a cash cow. Although collecting comic books used to have a reputation as a hobby for the nerdier sect of society, it has now become mainstream, as evidenced by the Marvel film series featuring Iron Man, Captain America, the X-Men, and many others raking money hand over fist in the almost 10 years since the release of the first film in the Iron Man series of movies. This has led many who had never previously displayed an interest in comics to start comic book collections, with some Bronze Age comics (1970-1983) proving to be very popular.

What are Bronze Age Comics?

Since comics have been around as an art form for almost 100 years, it would be impossible to track every title as part of one large grouping, so collectors divide things up into eras, with the Bronze Age representing the third generation of comics and spanning the years from 1970 to anywhere between 1983 and 1985. Historians believe that it's difficult to pinpoint one moment that led to the shift from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age, but the beginning of the 1970s saw an increase in the battle for supremacy between the two titans of the industry: Marvel and DC Comics.

Better Than Bronze

Collectors are spoiled for choice when it comes to Bronze Age comics (1970-1983) because not only are there titles that are newer and specific to the Bronze Age, but there are also Golden and Silver Age series that have taken on new life as one generation bleeds into another. You can start your search by selecting the category of comic that you're the biggest fan of, such as superhero comics, Western comics, and even underground and alternative comics, in addition to many more. You can also choose by character (for those who favor Daredevil or the Incredible Hulk, for example) or by publisher if you're a loyalist to one company over another.

Grading Out

It should be no surprise that most comic book collectors take their hobby very seriously, especially given the investment in and worth of a well-maintained collection, so you should make sure to get the most for your dollar by choosing books bearing the grade of an organization like CGC, which is the first independent and impartial organization with the responsibility of grading comics. You'll also want to pick up some bags and boards to use for storing your comics to preserve their pristine condition. Storing them upright and in a clean, dry space that is resistant to water leaks and spills is also advised.

An Entirely New Age

Comic enthusiasts of all ages can find something to enjoy amongst Bronze Age comics (1970-1983), as new titles intermingle with fresh interpretations of old favorites to create a rich time in comics' history. Whether you're giving them as gifts or adding them to your own growing collection, enjoying Bronze Age comic books is a fantastic way to kick back and relax, while transporting yourself to interesting worlds.

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